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Even though anatomy of the foot is different among individuals, we generally use same approach to tie our shoes.

We can use different lacing techniques to turn a ill-fitted shoe into a comfortable shoe. Below you can find 5 different lacing techniques that can help individuals with common foot types and issues:

Basketball season will begin for players of all ages and skill levels coming in for acute post-injury treatment and preventative care.


All of the players who are provided with custom orthotics will successfully prevents any stress-related injuries, so that preventative care with custom orthoses is critical in the elite level basketball player. The basics of basketball orthoses can be mentioned as shock absorption and shear force reduction while simultaneously accomplishing some form of hindfoot control and midfoot support. The orthotics can be rigid, semi rigid and accommodative. those who request a rigid device are players with relatively normal biomechanics and have worn custom orthotics for several years. semi rigid or an accommodative device are sometimes requested by players as well. It's noteworthy to remember that assessment of player is very important since it will be useful in different aspects. As an example, during jumping and landing in basketball the device should be design to absorb most of the shock.